3 Ways A Geotechnical Engineering Service Can Assist You With Your Project

If you are getting ready to build a new commercial building, one of the members you will want to have on your team is a geotechnical engineer or engineering service. A qualified geotechnical engineer should be on every team that is building a large building; they are an important part of large construction projects. They can help evaluate the soil and land you are building on to ensure it is ready and prepared to support the structure you are building. 

Soil Testing

A geotechnical engineering company will use a variety of instruments to drill boreholes into the soil where you want to build. They can collect soil samples from the boreholes and take those samples to a laboratory for further testing. They can let you know if it is safe to build on the soil as it is. They will inform you about the pollution levels in the soil and let you know if any of the soil pollution results are concerning. If necessary, they can also work with you to develop a plan for dealing with any land restoration that needs to occur before you build on the soil and the property.

Water Levels

Soil testing isn't just about assessing the quality of the soil. Soil testing is also about finding out where the water levels are under the soil. When building a large building, it is important to know the water levels on the building site. The water levels can impact how you create the structure of the building. This can provide you with valuable information so you can build a building that doesn't get damaged by the water levels over time. 

Land Rehabilitation

If the land where you want to build isn't ready to go and needs to undergo some land remediation before you build, a geotechnical engineering service can help you come up with a land rehabilitation plan. They can help you figure out how to use strategies such as air sparging, encapsulation, and thermal soil remediation to fix the land before you build. You don't want to build a structure somewhere with pollution and contamination issues. A geotechnical engineer can help ensure that the ground is safe and ready so that you can complete your build on time.

When working on a new construction project, you should partner with a geotechnical engineering service. They can test the soil and water to help ensure you have a safe build site. If any issues come up, they will work with you to develop and implement a land rehabilitation plan that can make the land safe and allow you to finish your project on time.