How Firestop Inspections Can Protect Your Property From Fire

Most property owners and managers will go to great lengths to protect their buildings from calamities, such as arson. In addition to installing an effective fire escape, it is essential to install a fire stop system to prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other parts of the building. Most of the time, fires begin in a single room or floor before engulfing the rest of the building. With timely intervention, you can limit the damage and destruction to this part of the building before the firefighters arrive. This system can save you a lot of money in damages and destruction to the property – and keep the building's occupants safe. As such, consider hiring a third party firestop inspector to regularly evaluate the system's effectiveness. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from their services.

Firestop Materials Are Not Immune to Degradation

Like the materials used to construct your building, firestop materials are prone to decay after a certain period depending on their exposure. Products like caulking sealants, joint strips, pillows, boards and spray-on mastics have a shelf life. If you don't replace them whenever necessary, it can compromise the fire protection system of the building. A reputable third party firestop inspector can find the needed replacement materials to restore fire safety. These experts can spot potential fire hazards that can cost you money, and harm the building's occupants. 

It Can Save Lives

American firefighters respond to approximately 1.4 million fires annually, leading to 3,500 deaths and 15,000 injuries. A practical and functioning firestop system can prevent these deaths and injuries. A third party firestop inspector can ensure you are using the correct firestop materials that minimize the transmission of combustion byproducts like smoke and hot gases. Using a combination of firestop materials and a fire escape system can prevent deaths and injuries. There have been recent advancements in the field that have enabled many buildings to have code-compliant fire ratings. 

It is a Cost-Effective Way of Reducing Fire Damage

Fires are very destructive and can destroy your investment. It is common to find property owners struggling to recover financially after a fire. In addition to repair costs, you may be required to pay for the medical costs of those injured during the fire. It is not enough to install a firestop system on your property. You should go an extra step and hire a third party firestop inspector to ensure the system works properly. Their services are a worthwhile investment that can save you a lot of money when the worst happens. 

For more information, contact a third party firestop inspector in your area.